Thursday, April 13, 2006

Notes on New Work

JS: I finished these paintings last week. The one above is called "Sisters" and the subjects are Cheryl, the concrete figure on the right, and me, the abstract one on the left. The pink shaft indicates the humor we share.

"Old Age" is a portrait of last days. The white eye conveys memory lapses. The spiked armature means death.

"Out for a Walk" has the walker
wearing the sky on his breast.
It opens onto his heart's recesses.
Does he have a big heart?
The trees think so.

"Betrayal" shows the inner workings of a love/hate relationship.
An ugly cupid takes aim at the heart while the worst tarot card a person
can draw shows a figure lying on his
stomach with arrows in his back.
A two-faced figure looks on and sums up.

"Supressed"is inspired by Genet's A Thief's Journal. In a nod to Genet's favorite themes of sex and death, purple symbolizes sex, and white, death. They combine in a comment on sexuality in the age of AIDS.

"Meditation on Death" has the head
on the right thinking about death--
in gray. Green symbolizes the limbo
we're in as we wait for the end.

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