Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two Kinds of Stories

Cheryl had a story chosen for The Flask Review's (link at right)"Best of" anthology.

Janet likes how the West Side Leader described her work as "a marriage of abstract and figurative styles with an interest in psychology of the human head and figure."

Cheryl's poem is not about Janet:
She Paints Herself into a Corner

She takes a crayon to the backs
of envelopes, to the cardboard
from laundered shirts. She steals India
ink and black velvet for angry clowns
and the many faces of Elvis. Worked-over
images soon overflow the closets, tumble
into the hall. Stacked to the ceiling, there
is no room for light to enter, so the painter
moves over the dark, stained floor like a shadow,
back and forth and back again—until she falls
out of her own frame of reference, still believing
in what the day can do.

But Janet's drawing has Cheryl in it:

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