Thursday, November 29, 2007


1. Because you need to read it all the way through, so you can compare it with the movie.
2. Because if you ever had a mother-in-law, this book’s for you. Can you relate? I knew that you could.
3. Because it’s got a little bit of sex, (prescription)drugs, and rock-and-roll with tabla and sitar.
4. Because it’s pretty funny in places.
5. Because we all need to raise our test scores by reading books. Screens don’t always cut it.
6. Because if you buy it through the link below, you get an add-on of Cheryl's exotic recipes. And Amma taught her to cook.
7. Because its author is a multiple Pushcart Prize nominee. And that almost sounds like “Pulitzer”.
8. Because the book is so good, it has left the critics speechless. So far.
9. Because it’s called “Shiva’s Arms.” You know you want to find out why.
10.Because I told you so. And I have exceptionally good taste in all things.

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