Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Waters Visits Rubber City

Janet went to see filmaker John Waters at the University of Akron last night. Having called both Baltimore and Akron home, she thought the similarities between the cities might appeal to him.It struck David Giffels, of the Akron Beacon Journal, that way, too."This is in many ways his parallel universe...Waters...has a voracious appetite for working-class kitsch culture. Akron? We're the birthplace of professional bowling; a city that claims to have invented the hamburger; a place where even the most elegant edifice has a name that sounds not so much like an Old English castle as a third-shift tire builder: Stan. Stan Hywet.He's fascinated with sensational crime, supposedly displaying a John Wayne Gacy painting in his guest bedroom to keep people from overstaying their welcome. We are the hometown of Jeffrey Dahmer.Our old nickname — ''Rubber City'' — sounds like it fell right out of Waters' idea file...''The rubber thing appeals to me a lot,'' he said, a warm smile curling under his trademark pencil mustache, as though he were pitching to producers. ''I love the idea of rubber barons, of rubber wealth. It'd be a great title — '' leaning forward and affecting a movie voice — ''Rubber.''


Ronnie Ferez said...

great blog here, though I must confess I am intimidated by the quality of writing.


Cheryl said...

We're glad you stopped by, Ronnie. Happy Holidays to you!