Wednesday, January 28, 2009 which Janet returns the favor

I think in images. To present images in a more definite space, putting the psychology of emotion under the light, I improvise in a spontaneous vein. I’m led around by the brush in an automatic way that allows for sensitivity. Subsequent decisions are then made from practice and experience. Executed premeditated meaning makes lifeless art—no improvisation, no process.I work like an expressionist, with the figure in the style of the German expressionists, and the space abstract expressionist.

I do a sketch before the actual painting. The touch of brush to canvas leads in an intuitive direction, so that the painting doesn't exactly look like the sketch--fortunately--or the process would get boring, with little room for imagination or spontaneity.

The meaning in my work is the poetry between image and space—implied rather than overt. Landscape is abstract and can be felt. The figurative elements are the elements I often start with. The space is improvised. In my drawings, I make figures in a space suited to them. Using the figurative head in an abstract space focuses the relationship between the figurative and abstract elements and lets the viewer experience the psychology of the human figure. To connect the head to its surroundings, I add various elements to establish the psychological relationship between head and space. I am especially interested in what happens when the space becomes an image.

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