Friday, April 03, 2009

Women at Work

In Janet's "His Heart Blooms for Her" The left figure is connected by gray, to the half-figure on the right. She doesn't want that. She curls up and away from him.The egg-shaped white head on the bottom is another version of the twosome.
And furthermore...
for all you NaPo people working on your one-a-day, take a breather. Let's talk about Cheryl for a minute.


Michelle said...

Cheryl, I really enjoyed reading your interview.

Little Woman was my favourite book.

I wish I could play Bach.

And this:

Once, a waitress quoted one of my poems to me while she was taking my order. Another woman asked me if all my readers weep at my novel’s ending. I find those reactions meaningful and very reassuring.


Cheryl and Janet Snell said...

I really was taken by surprise by that! You just never know, do you, who you're reaching?