Friday, July 17, 2009

New Novel, plus a good deal

Announcing Cheryl's new novel,Rescuing Ranu. Print copies can be ordered HERE
and the e-book is HERE. That's our mother's art on the cover.

What's it about, you may ask. Well, Nela Sambashivan returns to her native India to research the mathematics of collectives and is drawn into the lives of ten year old Ranu, the cunning motel-keeper who exploits her, and an unscrupulous Uncle who believes that everything is for sale. Nela’s transformation from abstract thinker to selfless guardian begins when she and her lover, Jackson, rescue Ranu from a forced marriage, but it is only when the child unexpectedly fails to thrive that Nela confronts her miscalculations about sacrifice, survival, and the mysterious alchemy of love.

Since we've released our poetry and painting chap,Memento Mori, Cheryl's stories,Words in Edgewise, and this novel fast on the heels of our collection Prisoner's Dilemma, we'd like to offer you any one of those books free with the purchase of any other one.

Send proof of purchase to and we will send you a signed copy of whichever book you choose. Offer ends on July 30,2009.
Thanks for supporting Scattered Light Publications!

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