Thursday, June 09, 2011

Made of Smoke

Let it blow around you like hair.
You can always push it away or tuck it
behind your ear, the plumes hiding
parts of you, holding you apart
from the plastic, the falsehoods,
the impersonators.

You’ve escaped before: the holes
in your space are still where you left them,
part of your armature chalked
to the texture of ground-up pills.

Tears of second chances clear your vision
so start again. Gather up the familiar,
idealize it until it appears beside you.

Its distraction is only temporary.
Pay no attention that its head turns
on a neck arched
with your own longing.

This is the moment
before all the positioning begins,
the grand negotiations,
the heat that melts before it can singe.

Understand that it’s never the thing
you bargained for. All faults are fatal.
Pick the ones you can live with and glory
in your own erasure.

You are an image made from smoke.
On this canvas, you are the man.


Brian Miller said...

ha. i like your close..and great use of internal rhyme to keep it moving...made of smoke...yes...and choosing what we hold onto, for sure...the painting is a really well pairing as well..

Cheryl and Janet Snell said...

Thanks, Brian. The image was borrowed from Tom Waits but we each ran with it, in different directions maybe!

Phil said...


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