Sunday, October 16, 2011



Tim Buck said...

I've often thought about the elusive nature of inspiration. This video poem describes the phenomenon very well. And the way the issue is brought through succinct metaphors is just swell.

I remember 30 years ago, when I tried to write poems. I think I was in a haze of perpetual inspiration, but it was, well, always too hazy. Or was it that I had not yet developed a voice and a crafting technique? I wonder how much of a role settled technique has in allowing inspiration itself to happen, to even be grasped as something more substantial than a vague reverie? I enjoy such imponderables. Thank you. :)

Cheryl and Janet Snell said...

My work was pretty hazy in my 20s, too, with images arising out of space as if underwater. Now when I try to paint like I used to, I can't. It comes off as precious and brushy. I think our work, if it's authentic, reflects where we are in our lives. Can't go forward, can't go back. This is the moment. The chops we've developed lets us say what we really mean about it.