Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Centrifugal Eye

We're pleased to have a collaboration in the new issue.  Thank you, Eve!


Tim Buck said...

Cool. Congratulations on "Sister Age" -- painting and poem. Each reader of a poem gets what they get. For me, I was struck by the sense that Youth (daughter) and Age (mother) had, owing to the gravity of cumulative time, become closer, a reduction of the existential space between them. A sympathy -- a sistering -- occurs as daughter discovers an augury of her own eventual failing into time.

The picture is striking. I think I discern a hand moving toward the face, another hand swirling behind. As if a spell of affection is being cast.

Tim Buck said...

Well, I tried to leave the following comment on the Issuu page for the Vacation edition of The Centrifugal Eye. For some reason, the comment feature didn't work for me.

“Sister Age”. Janet Snell's painting compels the eye, captures the imagination. Cheryl's poem is the work of an exceptional sensibility. No word is wasted – the mark of a distinctive crafting. Each word falls into the line with a sensitive affinity for language. Not only does she vary the pace and character of the lines, she also imbues those lines with an organic and subtle musicality. And here, we have a poem that opens up imaginative space, allows the reader to experience the lines without being subject to overstatement, neurosis, or solipsism.

Cheryl Snell said...
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