Friday, February 24, 2012

Separation Anxiety

They never travel together,
 in case one doesn’t make it back.
On the other hand, they flirt
with the idea of a suicide pact,
but in whispers, and only just before
the streetlights come on. So, when he,
a flicker of light upon a spine,
floats away over carousels of luggage
and time zones pocked with stoplights 
and the bulge of alternate lives, 
she gets out of bed, still dreaming,
and stands in front of the refrigerator on one foot.
She does not move, but waits there
with nerves vibrating like colors on a map,
one stumble away from cold fluorescence
and worst case scenarios. In her mind
the man searches for his oncoming train.
The tracks below are static and still. 
The train fulfills its destiny.


cbeadle said...

this is amazing i love it and its inspiring

Cheryl Snell said...

Thanks so much!

Kris said...

I really like the image and the message. Quite good!