Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Many thanks for this review of Prisoner's Dilemma by the wonderful Tim Buck!

Deep moments, haunting expressions

The poems by Cheryl Snell in PRISONER'S DILEMMA are like psychological novels compressed into exquisite lines. This is free verse on a high level -- what is being said flows with a calm, artistic cadence. What is being said probes depths with a subtlety and with the ring of lived experience.

The art by Janet Snell is some of the finest contemporary work I've come across. I'm partial to black-and-white, and these works are deftly realized, surreal, and evocative. They are haunting.

How wonderful the complementary nature of this volume! Poem and painting suggestive of each other -- a complex of emotion and vision, of deep observation and expression.

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Cheryl Snell said...

Thank you so much for this, Tim. We're so glad you enjoyed our book!