Saturday, April 06, 2013

The Sisters Celebrate Poetry Month

Desire by shivasarms43


There’s the daylight in ruins,
and you here willing to be ruined too,
willing night to crawl across a city
full of men wanting to ruin you.
Here comes one now, ripe
with appetite and impulse,
without a clue of what it will take
to pull you out
of these details drowning
in orange and blue,
and into his own picture --
but you’re clear on that too,
transparent with buttercup hope
that this time will be different,
that this one will know how to see you.

(first appeared in Blood Lotus)


On the way down,
she sees what
blue swells
and whitecaps
are not: not fists
of diamonds,
nor rocking hips,
not rippling

limbs tossing up fish
nor are they
for the depths
to which
they have plunged her

drowning ship.
(first appeared in Up The Staircase)








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