Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Thank You Note

We would like to thank all the editors who published us this year in their magazines, most notably
 Leslie LaChance and Mattie Davenport at Mixitini Matrix, whose personal note upon acceptance had us smiling for days; Nic Sebastian at The Poetry Storehouse, whose innovations such as the nanopress model and the video remix project keep the internet lively; the folks at EGG whose subscribers are treated to a new weekly poem; Aaron Belz at The Curator, who honored Cheryl with a same –day acceptance, and paid for the poem, too;  Darryl and Melissa Price at Olentangy Review  who enlarge the printed work with audio readings; Carla Sarett, a wonderful writer who interviewed us on her excellent blog with penetrating, nuanced questions about our collaboration and process; Carl Sharpe at VerseWrights , who graciously features poets several times each, and has built a wonderful community; Rachel Kendall at Sein und Werden, whose themed issues are always absorbing and beautifully executed; Leopold McGinnis at Red Fez, who has such a keen eye, and who lets contributors loosen up in their bios; and Eve Hannimen at The Centrifugal Eye, whose matchless editing and discernment make her magazine one of the best. 


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