Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Why We Need Yellow

You stake the sunflowers badly 
but set them in a bright corner
where they grow straight
no less so
for starting out stragglers.

Lined up in clay pots
on the haphazardly swept porch
where we sip summer
drinks, they make us happy—

the way ovals of a star’s orbit do
or a child’s spiky sun
or the spokes of the wheels
of passing cyclists
who barely register and then
completely forget what they saw
in this place where yellow makes
the world beautiful.


Iulia Flame said...

I needed that little burst of yellow. It is interesting how color works. After many years of being obsessed with blue, blue--I turn to warmer colors like green, and one cannot have green without yellow.

Cheryl Snell said...

I gravitate to blue also, but not at this time of year. Glad you enjoyed the jolt of color against this drab winter.