Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sunflower Sisters

                                                           Red Sunflower, watercolor

Still Life with Sunflowers

When I cut elastic from the sunflowers,
the stems, girdle-less now, spread
against the glass-lipped vase, each bloom
lolling like a tourist on a cruise.

You fed me blueberries from a colander,
and I looked over your shoulder at the still life
with nothing still about it—a sprawl of calyx
and corolla, pistils waving, rings of stamens
straining toward the ceiling so close
 to a sky full of bees.

When the pollen fell, it dusted the room
with a stain that yellowed the counter.
I never could get that color out,
though I’d easily kissed all the blue
from your fingers.

-first appeared in Snakeskin

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