Friday, July 14, 2006

She Blinded Me with Science


In A Little Science, below, warped space goes from the front figure to the back figure and around both, reminding us the painting is made of matter.

Poincare's Dream

When attraction gravitates, the boy can't help it.
Inmates of the heteroclinic orbit
just where he can size up her angles. At 2 A.M.,
last call sees restricting forces pair up. They waltz
out the door to sweet linkages.

Those first days it's easy to believe in stability.
What could go wrong?
They never even see the comet hurtling toward them.

Two-body problem gets gritty:
He rubbernecks out of his place, courting danger.
(There are no lawyers in space.)

Theory = partially solved problem made classic by default.
Weather reports beats horoscopes any day
for auspicious travel-decisions. But sometimes

a pull is just a pull and
there's not a restoring force in all the big blue sky.


"Big Bang "

Second Glance at First Light

While you were plotting graphs
at Goddard, I watched a show
about sponge-trees on Mars. Neon
trunks, eccentric, singular, stood
soaking up rust, rooted to dead ground.
Space paparazzi hovered over proof
to sell to NASA.

I hear your key turn in the lock.
You stand, wavy and vague,
in the pale circle of the porch lamp.
I observe you (the sight pulls my hair up hard)
like an astronomer shedding first light
on a new world.

So now it’s just you and me: I see your face
at 30 frames/ second all of my life. Whoever
holds up the universe is blowing bubbles,
trying to capsize the pilot of waves
which vibrate so drunkenly, surging forward
like noses in cinema kisses, leaning in blind,
staggering ever closer toward God.

Shows: Janet will have work in the Rubber City Artists forthcoming show; and the Massillon Museum of Art will host an exhibition of her semi-expressionistic portraits like the one of Albert, above.

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