Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Direction

Wraparound Black will be the basis for a new series of drawings. The humanoid figures are a homage to William Burroughs.
Janet's being funny with this one. In Watch Your Step, don't mistake the fat guy sitting on the razor for a bug.
In Mind Screen, a screen--TV, computer, movie--is attached to the ears of a head. A puppet man flops helplessly off to the side. He can't see what's on.

He Pontificates. She Listens. This painting shows a male figure expounding on what he probably doesn't know. The figure in yellow feels compelled to listen. Maybe she's related to him, maybe she's just polite. The house is gray, symbolizing a lack of smarts.
Empty Town Square shows an orange conical shape with a desert emerging from it. The figures are placed so the center is empty. Things fall apart, the center cannot hold?


michi said...

i always enjoy stopping by here, for the images and the words.


Cheryl said...

Thanks, Michi! Did you have a good trip? Congrats on that nice nomination.

michi said...

cheryl, yes, mostly good trip. just finished editing the pics. three instalments are already on my blog. :)