Saturday, September 16, 2006

Drawing and Reading

"Trapped in a Dumpster" shows a figure in trouble. The figure in the back won't help him--she has an empty heart. Overhead, clouds menace.

"At Ease" shows a head slightly dislocated from the body by darkness that continues into the tunnel behind her.
"Squatter" has a somewhat abstract wall and the figure's head is also slightly dislocated by darkness--see the storm brewing overhead?
"She Contorts Herself for Him" in a position I remember from ballet class, called the Bridge.
"Argument" shows the heads joined by a black ribbon. Another ribbon separates them from the dark front plane.

Reading-Sauci Churchill Butterworth, Kathleen O’Toole and I will read from our Finishing Line press chaps at Kensington Row Bookshop on Sunday afternoon, September 24th, 2006 at 2 PM.
David Kresh has this to say about Sauci Butterworth’s Running Down Divison Street: "This is what urban childhood really felt like: rich, exhilarating, puzzling, detailed, always with an enlivening fear lurking near the heart." This is what Charles Martin has to say about Kathleen O’Toole's Practice: “The struggle to register "this luminous world” as act and mystery is the unfailing practice of the poems in this fine collection...Their habits of attention reward and instruct ours.”
My own Flower Half Blown elicited this response from Comstock Review's Jennifer MacPherson:"...varied and beautifully imaged lyric narratives...Again, she stuns us with her imagery."
Kensington Row Bookshop is located at 3786 Howard Avenue,Kensington, MD 20895.
Pub news: I have a poem up at Snakeskin:
It uses the ten most common nouns in English.

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