Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Linocuts and Lyrics

Bob Dylan's lyric from "Meet Me in the Morning "was playing when Janet did this: Well, I struggled through barbed wire, felt the hail fall from above/Well, you know I even outran the hound dogs/Honey, you know I've earned your love.
The woman in Caught still has a fighting chance.
In Lazy, the man rests against a geometric construction squashing the sky down to his body. It looks like he's having trouble breathing.
This one reminds me of the Jimi Hendrix lyric from "Hear My Train A Comin" that goes Take me, yeah, from this lonesome place/Well now a whole lotta people put me down a lot ‘a changes.


I'm alone tonight.
I can't smooth the dip
in the mattress, I won't wash
your smell from the sheets.

Enough TV.
Let it sizzle and decay,
dying like your bad idea.

Silence follows the dark,
a shallow-breathing stalker,
and in our half- empty bed,
I sign the night with fingerings
from our song.

I hear the train, its metronome
of runaway wheels, physics
of Doppler. The whistle,
a v7 chord hung in black.

Long cars hurry passengers
to separate urgencies.
Faces in ghost-story lighting
remain unknowable
to the other side of the glass.

That whistle again--a widow's wail.
I'm alone tonight.

Happy Holidays from the Snell sisters!


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