Thursday, January 18, 2007

Whistle While You Work

Pub News: Blood Orange Review took Light, Flutter has Gridlock and Object. Autumn Sky will publish Dead End, Convalescence comes out in Small Spiral Notebook and Crush will appear in Remark Poetry Journal. The brand new Hobble Creek Review took The Natural Order of Everything, which was chosen for Jordan Davis's list of Noted Poems. Shit Creek Review republished my review of Jennifer Gresham's book, Diary of a Cell and Rattle took my review of Christine Potter's rich new collection, Zero Degrees at First Light. Links are posted on the right of this page.

The publication of my novel, Shiva's Arms, is right on track. It will be out from Writer's Lair in March. I'll keep you posted!

Here are a few more pieces drawn from music. "Black Eye" is derived from a lyric by Jimi Hendrix.
"Earth Died Screaming" owes a debt to Tom Waits.
"Desolation Row" ---the artist's current fav, Bob Dylan.
"The Encroachment of You on My Frowning Wall." More Hendrix
"With or Without You" is inspired by U2.

Janet has a piece up at the AoRC show in Akron right now, and a forthcoming exhibit at Millworks in the planning stages.This is what Dorothy Schinn of the Akron Beacon Journal has to say about Janet's AoRC piece: "Janet Snell's Mind Screen is an attention-grabbing expressionist work that touches on many of the psychological bells and whistles so doted on by Abstract Expressionists of old. Snell, however, uses figuration, creates a sense of foreground and background, and the mocking manner in which she has rendered the plasma screen above her head tells us that perhaps she's not as into the psychobabble as her predecessors."

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