Saturday, June 16, 2007

It's Getting Hot in Here

Pub News: Cheryl's got three poems in Arabesques Review, and more forthcoming in juked, panamowa, and Tipton Poetry Journal.

Here are three drawings from Janet's manuscript-in-progress, and a couple of poems from Cheryl:

At the Gates

Zipped Up

Object of Desire

What else to do with a stretched canvas,
weave loose as a lover's limbs? Primer going on
in even strokes and the room silent as snow.

A model breathes out in a slip white as gesso
and it's a beautiful picture,becoming more so
with each brushstroke,becoming the painting.

Oils suspended on white zinc on canvas--
what's between the layers lets the image live.
Secrets, lies, a veil floating down.


On the Promenade


At dinner, he tells a lie. It flickers like a candle. It drizzles down its dazzle. He tries to blow it out. It singes his fingers. The woman reaches over and pinches its little wick. The lie won’t die. It opens to interpretation, gathers force, spreads like rumor, hides and seeks. It can’t stop. They won’t let it. It appears on Thanksgiving at Uncle Bob’s, Easter at Aunt Sylvia’s. It goes on for a day, a month, a year. A spotlight hovers over it. A search beam. It begins to run. It passes over grasslands and swamps, cell towers and land lines. A calls is dropped, accidentally. There are no accidents. The man is afraid to answer the woman’s next question. The lie has confused him. It is no longer the same. The ending has changed. All of the details. Some of the names.

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