Saturday, June 30, 2007

Shiva's Arms

My novel, Shiva's Arms, is about to be launched. Pre-orders taken at the publisher's website. Click on Our Authors.

Here is the story in a nutshell:

When Alice marries Ramesh, she enters into a conflict with his mother, Shiva, who usurps the young woman’s authority until a family secret is revealed.It costs Shiva her health. With ingenuity and tenacity, Alice heals the rift between them, and both women learn about the power of reconciliation and the meaning of home.

Now for a tickle. Alice comes home from the hospital to find that her mother-in-law has taken her baby back to India:

“Is the baby sleeping?” she asked. She balled her hands into fists, at first squeezing them rhythmically, then thumping them against her thighs while Ram hemmed and hawed, trying to bring forth a stutter of news.

Alice noticed a small pair of chappals inside the door. Tiny, but bigger than Amma’s. “Who do those shoes belong to?” she asked, nudging the sandals with her feet.

Ram did not hear her second question. He was still trying to answer the first. “Do you remember my student, Ghosh?” he prompted her. “He was raised by his grandfather in India and had a wonderful youth, surrounded by many relatives. He has just sent his own son to be raised by him as well. A child belongs to every member of the family…”

Ram was working up to something and she already knew what it was. “You sent Sam to India with that woman.” Her voice came in like low tide, surging with rumor. She backed away from Ram as from an enemy. “Just until you can resume normal activity,” her husband said. He could not meet her hard-edged stare, but followed her as she walked backward into the kitchen, one hand raised in front of her, a warning.

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