Thursday, April 29, 2010

Message from the Publisher

TWEET US your funniest/most memorable cooking experience with your mother-in-law, and win one of two free copies of Shiva's Arms.Contest closes 4-30-10. 8pm EST

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

The first time I cooked an Easter ham for my in-laws, I used my mother-in-law's recipe of baking the ham in a brown paper bag; her ham always turned out so delicious, but mine didn't, since I forgot to take off the plastic that covered the ham. The cake I made from scratch didn't go over so well either--I don't know how I screwed that one up, but you could tap on it with the handle of a butter knife and think someone was knocking on the door!

Cheryl and Janet Snell said...

Great story--among the best we've received. If you send your mailing address to shana@writerslairbooks, the publisher will send you a copy of Shiva's Arms.
Thanks for playing!